Elwyn Dennis : Artist

Elwyn Dennis is a Contemporary American Born Australian Artist

My work, after 1971, refers to reality independent of our species prejudices, our cultural metaphors, our sensory limitations. It addresses structures that are too vast or too minute, events that are too slow or too quick, places that are too remote or too intimate for direct human perception.

That we are related to an external reality is clear. We depend on it.

The information is confirmed, but difficult to assimilate when most of us inhabit a built environment where daily routine proves that we are an independent importance, demonstrates that organization is human and that music is the sound that we make.

Access to basic processes is not easy when spaces free from our intervention are not readily available, when daily experience is exclusive reference to ourselves.

Celebrating the sequences, the metabolism and the appetites of natural circumstance is compelling and, for me, the basic business of art.