Elwyn Dennis : Artist


The Rising of Suns

Sculpture became a platform for relating basic natural processes. The appetites of tiny elements build us and the world around us. Energy is ever in flux, generating new combinations, new resolutions, variety. The essential seems always to be beautiful.

Runner, 1964

Dancer, 1965

Walker, 1966

Big Dancer, 1966

A Solid Song for Scriabin, 1967

Device for Discovering the Stars, 1967

An Application for Serenity, 1968

A Solid Song, 1969

Intersection, 1970

Song of the Pacific, 1971

Public Address, 1971

Evidence of Origin, 1971

The Urge to Be Again, 1973

The Beginning of Green, 1974

Life on Earth (the pair), 1974 & 1978

The Rising of Suns, 1978

A Matter of Time, 1980

Little Landscape, 1981

Particle Flow, 1982

Time Again, 1987

All the Cosmos is a Stage, 1988

The Way Things Are, 1989

Construction Site, 1990

The Dance of New Resolution, 1991

Sample, 1992

Sample II, 1992

Basic Appetite, 1993

A Moment of New Future, 1997

The Way Things Are II, 1997

Corner Post, 1998

Mantle Piece, 2000

Ambition, 2012