Elwyn Dennis : Artist

The Dire Situation

The Entitled wrap
Themselves in Themselves.
Of all creatures,
They have the greatest strut.

Distraction is their habit,
Normal, a special invention,
Providing insulation,
Tailored reality.

Nature has been reduced
To room for recreation,
Or an opportunity
For further exploitation.

Appetites digest the earth.
Growth is a laughing thief,
As distant from reality
As the fiscal year.

Irony has an exquisite edge
In this frozen moment,
Should a survivor be interested
In such foolish history,

A Twist of Need:

Youth is no longer disadvantaged
By insufficient experience.
No one
Has sufficient experience.

Their flash expansion of perception,
Explodes from older irresponsibility,
Responds above vested interests,
Beyond propaganda of profit.

June 2019