Basic Appeite

Dry Country, a suite of three works, The Listening Room, ABC Classic-FM

Sculpture and Drawing, Ararat Fine Art Gallery

Just Sculpture, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery


Soundwalls, etc., Ringroad Bypass, Melbourne

Waiting Winter Out, Ann Murphy, harpsichord

Victoria Museum, with Ian Robinson, Exhibition of Designs, Institute of Architects, Melbourne

Ars Acoustica Project, European Broadcasting Union

Rural Advisory Council, Greening Australia


Soundwalls. etc, Bundoora, Metropolitan Ringroad, Melbourne

25th Melbourne International Festival of Organ and Harpsichord

A Mother's Day, La Romanesca - New Ground

A Centre of Culture, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

Elwyn Dennis, Composer, documentary video, Deakin University

1993 to 1995

Biography Basic Appetite 1993

"...easy to believe that predictions arising from popular contemporary "awareness" describe the future when, in fact, they describe only what the future would be if nothing changed."